ee cli

Review current EE info, check for updates, or see defined aliases.


# Display the version currently installed.
$ ee cli version
EE 0.24.1

# Check for updates to EE.
$ ee cli check-update
Success: EE is at the latest version.

# Update EE to the latest stable release.
$ ee cli update
You have version 0.24.0. Would you like to update to 0.24.1? [y/n] y
Downloading from
New version works. Proceeding to replace.
Success: Updated EE to 0.24.1.


ee cli alias

List available EE aliases.

ee cli check-update

Check to see if there is a newer version of EE available.

ee cli cmd-dump

Dump the list of installed commands, as JSON.

ee cli completions

Generate tab completion strings.

ee cli has-command

Detects if a command exists

ee cli info

Print various details about the EE environment.

ee cli param-dump

Dump the list of global parameters, as JSON or in var_export format.

ee cli self-uninstall

Uninstalls easyengine completely along with all sites

ee cli update

Update EE to the latest release.

ee cli version

Print EE version.