ee auth update

Updates http authentication password for a site.


: Name of website / global for global auth.

: Username for http auth.

: Password for http auth.

: IP to whitelist.


# Update auth password on global auth with default username and random password
$ ee auth update global --user=easyengine

# Update auth password on site with predefined username and password
$ ee auth update --user=test --pass=password

# Update whitelisted IPs on site
$ ee auth update --ip=,

# Update whitelisted IPs on all sites
$ ee auth update global --ip=,


Argument Description
--sites_path=<path> Absolute path to where all sites will be stored.
--locale=<locale> Locale for WordPress.
--le-mail=<le-mail> Mail-id to be used for letsencrypt.
--[no-]color Whether to colorize the output.
--debug[=<group>] Show all PHP errors; add verbosity to EE bootstrap.
--quiet Suppress informational messages.


ee auth create

Creates http authentication for a site.

ee auth delete

Deletes http authentication for a site. Default: removes http authentication from site. If --user is passed it removes that specific user.

ee auth list

Lists http authentication users of a site.