This page lists some ways in which you can contribute to the EasyEngine project. As EasyEngine is a large project, the following list is divided based on the area of expertise.

System admins

  1. Docker (Container) Hosting – If you are using Docker or containers in general in Production to host WordPress sites, we need your help. Please get in touch with project lead Rahul directly at [email protected]
  2. Debian Package Building – EasyEngine as of now (v3) uses its own Nginx build hosted on OpenSuse. If you are familiar with Debian package building and/or OpenSuse build service, you can help us keep Nginx version updated.
  3. Server Management – While the focus on EasyEngine is to make running a WordPress site on EasyEngine easy, managing a VPS involves a lot more work which we want to automate. If you know a tool or have scripts which you think can benefit EasyEngine users, please create an issue on the Github issue tracker.


  1. PHP – If you are comfortable with PHP command line scripts development or even better WP-CLI programming, please say hello in #v4 channel under EasyEngine slack team.
  2. Shell (bash) – EasyEngine installer is currently coded in bash. This is unlikely to change in future so if your a bash expert, please help us improve EasyEngine installer script
  3. Python – The EasyEngine v3 branch is in feature freeze mode. But if you are good at Python and would like to contribute bug fixes, we will love to merge your pull requests. 


If you just want to donate to EasyEngine project, you can do so by using PayPal or BitCoins.

Others (time)

  1. Community Forum – If you are a pro EasyEngine users, please help others in the EasyEngine community forum.
  2. Github issue cleanup – Many time users open Github issues for things that should have been posted elsewhere. You can help us clean Github issues.
There are many more ways to help EasyEngine. If you would like to help in a way which is not listed above, just contact us!