ee service refresh

Re-create global services docker-compose file and update global containers.


# Refresh global services
$ ee service refresh


Argument Description
--sites_path=<path> Absolute path to where all sites will be stored.
--locale=<locale> Locale for WordPress.
--le-mail=<le-mail> Mail-id to be used for letsencrypt.
--wp-mail=<wp-mail> Default Mail-id to be used for WordPress site installation.
--sysctl=<true/false> Whether to add sysctl config in docker-compose.
--[no-]color Whether to colorize the output.
--debug[=<group>] Show all PHP errors; add verbosity to EE bootstrap.
--quiet Suppress informational messages.


ee service disable

Stops global services.

ee service enable

Starts global services.

ee service reload

Reloads global service without restarting services.

ee service restart

Restarts global services.